sup, it's dia. this is a blog completely centered around the lizzie bennet diaries and the other adaptations of literary classics. not just the show itself but it's cast. (though let's face it, i will end up posting about my senpais a lot.) i will be making graphics of and occasionally reblogging things related to it. for more indepth stuff on dia herself, go to this blog.
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James McAvoy filmography → Becoming Jane (2007)

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Pride and Prejudice + soundtrack

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[5] favorite movies

1/5Clueless (1995)

'Ugh, As If!

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Classic Lines series by Splinter.

How lucky am I that my number one and two favourite books ever were included in this series? There aren’t HQ versions out there so when I have time I’ll scan my copy of Great Expectations. It’s absolutely stunning in real life with the artwork extending to the back cover as well. They also have book flaps with details of the book and the author. The inside cover has a famous line from the novel inscribed everywhere. Best thing? These babies retail for under $10.

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Jane Austen Dress Illustrations by yardia.

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"You can get quite self-conscious at times, there’s this business of your close up coming up, but in that big ball scene he put three cameras on it. And in lots of the dinner scenes too, so you wouldn’t actually know when your moment was coming. That’s why it’s got that lovely unaware quality to it, you really did feel it’s being observed. I think it’s because people didn’t know they were being watched really, that’s what you get, this window on life.”

(Rosamund Pike)

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What I want my love life to be like:


What my love life is actually like:


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