sup, it's dia. this is a blog completely centered around the lizzie bennet diaries and the other adaptations of literary classics. not just the show itself but it's cast. (though let's face it, i will end up posting about my senpais a lot.) i will be making graphics of and occasionally reblogging things related to it. for more indepth stuff on dia herself, go to this blog.
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"It would be absurd to create a modernized version of Elizabeth Bennet who wasn’t a feminist. A woman who speaks her mind, holds out for what she wants, and is loved and valued for who she is — she was as feminist as she could be in 1813."

  - Ashley Clements on Lizzie Bennet, for Bitch Magazine (via ahundredteas)
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the “they’re just fictional characters” card was what a lot of people used to justify their tweets to lydia during the lbd’s run (scroll to the tweets favorited before feb 7th 2013 and after jan 30th 2013 for stuff exclusively about her sex tape).

it’s a really big deal that transmedia is this enabling for people’s comments, even if slut-shaming on full force in the lbd pales in scale to a few questions in a q&a video not even about the person answering the questions. but regardless of the scale, what is said matters. if you wouldn’t do/condone such a thing in real life, why does it become okay to do it to fictional characters in a real medium? i don’t have any super big conclusions out of this, because my thoughts on the question i just posed aren’t very solid either. primarily, i just don’t want to see anyone use the justification above to allow out-of-the-norm online behavior go unnoticed and not discussed.

And who has done something like that in the NMTD fandom, may I ask?

i said the scale wasn’t the same, but doesn’t the principle still apply? it’s saying things you wouldn’t say to someone in real life. for the sake of immersion? it concerns me, is all.

My question still remains. Who has asked something out of line? What exactly are you referring to?


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast after hours.
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To know yourself, you need to know you need to watch this.

The Most Important Video About the Most Important Thing Ever

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Gigi Darcy reacts to Lizzie’s Video Diaries x

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Ep 24 - To Grow Up Or No To Grow Up

WHY the new adventures of peter and wendy

1/10 male characters: Mr. Henry Nobley, Austenland (2013)

"Society demands that we engage in social intercourse in order to seem courteous, yet in most cases such actions are ultimately vulgar.

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