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lizzie bennet diaries thirty days challenge - day 2: favorite female character?

Gigi and Maria. Not gonna lie, I actually did a lot of thinking before selecting these two. I even wrote down all the names of the female characters of the show and started doing elimination according to how much I identify with the character (since I love all of them and can’t eliminate according to how much I like them). So each time I struck off a name, I died a little inside. Oh, and I ended up with two of them because I wasn’t able to choose between them without having a bit of a mental breakdown.  Okay, not really a mental breakdown.

But the reason I came down to these two was for two reasons:

1) Their personality - Like I said, I eliminated according to which character I identified with the most and I ended up with these two. Jane is supposed to be up there to. However, I ended up eliminating her as well since she seemed more like the old me rather than who I am now - even in the case with New Jane. I have become more confident after everything that has happened to me and I was even like New Jane for a while. But as I grew to be more comfortable in my own skin, I ended up being more like Gigi and Maria. I think I’m not the only one who can relate to them. However, when it comes to me, I can relate to them besides just their bubbly, energetic nature, but that’s a entirely different post all together.

2) The adaption of their characters - In the book and even in the other adaptions, they are the ones just tossed to the side. I loved that the LBD writers have chosen to add more depth to these two (and part of me wishes they did that with another certain character). The way they were developed was a bit of a departure from the book, but not so much so that Jane Austen would turn over in her grave because of it. It was done in such a way that it felt natural and true to the very essence of their characters in the book. I couldn’t be happier with what they have become in the LBD.

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