sup, it's dia. this is a blog completely centered around the lizzie bennet diaries and the other adaptations of literary classics. not just the show itself but it's cast. (though let's face it, i will end up posting about my senpais a lot.) i will be making graphics of and occasionally reblogging things related to it. for more indepth stuff on dia herself, go to this blog.
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We couldn’t have found a better Lizzie than in you, Ashley. The show would’ve been so different if someone else had been casted. Through this experience, we not only got to reimagine Elizabeth Bennet, but we also got to know someone as admirable and talented as you. Without a doubt, we’ll see great things from you.

However, the thank you to Lizzie isn’t just to Ashley, but also the crew that has worked so hard to make her possible. We’re so indebted to each one of you for taking the chance in such a project. All this would not have happened if it weren’t for all your hard work.

But as we draw to a close, the fandom will live on.

It’s been good to see you, Lizzie Bennet.

i love you ashley ashley clements theashleyclements lizzie bennet diaries the lizzie bennet diaries * mine sobbing
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